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How we live now has a big impact on our quality of life in the future.

Improving your health can be simple. Follow the quick registration process to discover your Lifestyle Score and access a range of health tools and resources to help you understand and manage your health and wellbeing. 

Our goal is to support you with motivational, intelligent coaching, personalised plans, and health information based on research, empowering you to make better lifestyle choices so you can live a happier, healthier life. 

The Lifestyle Score

The Lifestyle Score is a calculation out of a maximum possible 100 points representing your health and lifestyle habits. It is calculated based on your responses to the Lifestyle Score questionnaire which covers health measures such as blood pressure, lifestyle factors such as physical activity, social factors including your support network, and emotional factors like coping skills.

There’s no one target that suits everybody. Ideally you want to have the highest score you can achieve to represent a very healthy lifestyle, but set yourself a target you can achieve over for example the next 3 months. To find out more, REGISTER / LOGIN NOW

Personalise Your Activity Plan

The Activity Planner provides you with a 7 day exercise guide to help you achieve your health goals. You can personalise your plan to cater for your likes and weekly schedule. The planner provides step-by step instructions including pictures and videos for your workouts with warm-up and cool-down exercises.
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