Free webinar: how to boost immune system

by | Mar 23, 2020 | Blog, News, NEWS2USE

You are invited to join a free webinar on how to boost your immune system against  the Covid-19 pandemic.

Don’t forget your greatest asset in the fight against the coronavirus is the body’s natural disease fighting defense – your amazing immune system.

For example of the 81000 people infected by the coronavirus in China, 71 000 recovered. That was without any vaccine – it was their immune system that did the job!

In the webinar we will stress how a healthy immune system is ensured by three commonsense approaches:

  • Physiological: healthy nutrition, rest, movement, adequate hydration
  • Psychological: mental and emotional calmness and a positive attitude
  • Social: maintaining social solidarity through empowering relationships

This free introductory webinar will be offered on Friday 27th March, 14h15 SA time.

To secure your participation e-mail: indicating your interest. You will then be sent the Zoom link.

Isle of Houghton, Old Trafford Building 4, Ground Floor, Cnr Boundary & Carse O’Gowrie Roads, Houghton, JHB