A healthy workforce
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Employee wellness starts here ...

Analyse and access every aspect of your workforce, and the way in which they are connected, through a healthy balanced scorecard in this dashboard. By viewing data holistically our dashboard views can track, monitor, measure and evaluate change.

These workforce management tools deliver improved insights and quality information that supports decision-making. Log in now to explore the health of your business.

Workforce optimisation starts with Phela’s customised wellness programmes. Track the health of your business through our workforce management software, while also providing your employees and managers with access to counselling, coaching and wellness services. By helping staff to manage their personal concerns, it impacts their wellbeing, productivity and performance at work. This enables you to create a healthier and happier workplace, which reduces absenteeism, retains staff and optimises performance.

Now your business can enjoy enhanced HR reporting, reduced administration, regulatory health and safety compliance, absence management, free access to toolkits and so much more.

At Phela we understand the relationship between the health of employees and the business of a company. To make this relationship healthier, we provide clear, affordable and customised programmes that makes sense to your company and your employees. Phela’s workforce management solution includes:

The Results

When you increase the wellbeing of your employees, it creates a healthier, happier workforce which improves productivity and reduces absenteeism and optimises performance. With this improved insight, you can make better decisions for your business.

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