Phela provides the platform for individuals to lead healthier and more fulfilled lives.

Whether you are a corporate client, with a vested interest in workforce optimisation and addressing employee wellness, or an individual with a desire to overcome life’s challenges and find motivation, fulfilment and an enhanced performance – Phela has the holistic solution to address your specific needs.

With our holistic approach to facilitating organisational wellbeing, including physical, emotional, psychological and social wellness, we support businesses in unlocking the hidden human capital in their workforce, which enhances productivity and creativity.

The Phela Wellness story began with like minded individuals that shared a passion about transforming the way individuals and business's view success in relation to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


Marcia Eugenio

Phela CEO Marcia Eugenio brings her vast business experience to the wellness industry. With her entrepreneurial skills and passion for wellness facilitation, she empowers talented individuals into vision-driven teams.

Mano Naidoo

With her extensive knowledge and solution-focused approach, Mano Naidoo oversees the facilitation of individual and organisational engagement with the dynamic world. She is a practicing counselling psychologist with a Master’s Degree in Social Science-Psychology.

Raencine Aboo

A Master’s Degree in Social Science enables Raencine Aboo to manage the complex and frenetic organisational engine room. With her practical insight into systems and applications, she co-ordinates the diverse and complex Phela services provided.

Dr Claudius van Wyk

He’s a member of the Phela Advisory Board, but Dr Claudius van Wyk, D.Sc. (Alt. Med.) also holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Ethics. With his knowledge of holistic wellness approaches, he guides the implementation of the Phela approach to organisational wellness at a systemic level.

Michelle Le Vieux

An extensive human resource background allows Michelle Le Vieux to co-develop and facilitate lifestyle intervention programmes. She also holds a B.Sc. Degree with further postgraduate qualifications in education and management.

Stefanie-Lee Wallace

Phela’s office manager, Stefanie-Lee Wallace, also represents the millennial generation. She has qualifications in SAP and CRM, amongst others, and her rich business experience and focused energy enables our office to work optimally.


With the backing of Thebe Health, Phela became part of a vision shared by Nelson Mandela. He believed that business had a responsibility to their employees and to improving the lives of the communities in which they operated.

Phela recognises the power of this vision and the opportunity that it presents in supporting the development of productivity and sustainable businesses. We believe that this is achieved by actively addressing the promotion of healthy employees.